Digital Transformation

for purpose driven leaders

Are you a leader in a purpose-driven organisation seeking to break free from limited resources and modernize your approach to service delivery?

Carl from AGContext can help you navigate your digital transformation journey, overcome your constraints and embrace new ways of working for people and planet.

Carl can help you

Find the software you need

You need business software that best aligns with your unique  purpose, people and processes. This is a critical decision, often worth millions of dollars, that will lock your teams into specific ways of working for the foreseeable future. You must make the right choice, first time!

Would you like the help of an experienced digital-transformation professional who can lead you through the software evaluation and procurement minefield?

Carl from AGContext can support you to:

The secret of success in digital transformation is...​




Databases, software, devices, integrations, computers and all the tech that moves and maintains your data and information.


Your teams, employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, managers, executives and everyone within the organisation.


Described in policies, procedures, guides, rules, checklists and all the other ways you enable work and production.



How your organisation serves others, creates benefits in the world, and makes our world a better place, now and in future.

Online Course

Digital Transformation Masterclass

The Digital Transformation Masterclass is an online course for the next-generation executive leaders in corporate, government, and non-profit sectors who want to understand and deliver digital transformation initiatives in their organisation.

Platforms, Process & People
Aligned with Purpose
Platforms, Process & People
Aligned with Purpose
Platforms, Process & People
Aligned with Purpose

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For the future of people and planet

Transforming how organisations use information technology to operate without the profit motive

Carl from AGContext Enjoying Coffee

Introducing Carl from AGContext

For Carl from AGContext, unlocking the secrets of digital transformation has been a 20-year journey of purpose, sacrifice, failure, and learning. Along his journey he has had to unlearn and rediscover what it means to create long-term value in the world. He has experienced failure and success in many contexts, from small businesses to multinationals, not for profit and government. 

Join Carl and be part of the next generation of individuals and organisations who are transforming how they create long-term value for the benefit of people and the planet without the profit motive.

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