A Digital Transformation Strategy to ensure the effective use of your resources, systems that work, and a memorable customer experience

Are you a Next-Generation Executive Leader seeking to create Customer-Focused, Easy to Operate, Data-Driven products and services?

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The Digital Transformation Strategy by AGContext is the strategy you need to absorb the shocks, mitigate the risks, and respond to the future of changing expectations of customers, employees, and the community.

70% of digital transformations fall short of their objectives, often with profound consequences.

The horror stories are many. Some well-known public examples include:

  • A $6 million payroll system upgrade cost $1.25 billion at the Queensland Department of Health.
  • Medibank Private’s Digital Transformation resulted in the hackers releasing the data of millions of customers onto the dark web. 
  • Leaseplan’s attempt to develop a new Core Leasing System (CLS) resulted in writing off $100 million in project costs and more in related restructuring and consultancy fees.

Public and private organisations of all sizes and sectors are squandering untold billions of dollars in resources and effort yearly.


The reasons why digital transformation initiatives fail are well known. 

Unclear Vision

Without a clear vision, goals, and strategy, projects can lack direction and struggle to deliver meaningful outcomes. Teams who are not aligned with a clear and consistent digital transformation strategy will struggle to focus their efforts and make decisions that put the customer first, creating confusion, miscommunication, and project failure.

Ineffective Leadership

When organisations are unclear or contradictory in their goals, governance and decisions, teams cannot find the collaboration and learning essential for innovation. Without consistent executive support, dedicated resources, and effective governance, internal politics drives decision-making rather than what is best for the customer.

Unrealistic Expectations

A belief that technology alone can deliver improved efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced customer experience lead to disappointment and project failure. Scope expands beyond manageable limits leading to stressed teams who make short-term decisions that create high long-term costs.

The Digital Transformation Strategy by Carl from AGContext is for the next-generation of Executive leaders.

People with job titles such as:

Who must:

The Digital Transformation Strategy is NOT:

The Digital Transformation Strategy by AGContext is:

a professional partnership where Carl from AGContext and his team will work with you to create the digital transformation strategy you need to stay relevant and competitive in this new age of information and sustainability.

The Key To Digital Transformation

Success in digital transformation is an elusive goal, with the historical trend that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. Solving this problem is at the heart of the AGContext Mission.

The secret of digital transformation success is: 

  1. Focus on the Purpose of information in your business, rather than the information  platforms (technology).
  2. Align your People, Process and Platforms with your Purpose.

The Digital Transformation Strategy by AGContext is based on the triangle of transformation. We will enable you to set the Purpose and Plan you need to significantly increase the likelihood of your digital transformation initiative achieving the 2x, 5x and 10x benefits you want.

The AGContext Digital Transformation Strategy is based on the Triangle of Transformation. Align your Platforms, Process and People with the Purpose of your information flow.

3 steps to your

Digital Transformation Strategy

STEP 1. ASSESS Your Business

The first step towards strategy is honestly assessing where you are today. It is about finding clarity about the problems you are trying to solve with Digital Transformation and identifying the different purposes in play that prevent or enable your teams to do the work of innovation and learning that are critical to success.

The assessment will uncover the most significant obstacles on your journey. It will create a series of recommendations for what must happen to create the information flows that align your People, Process, and Platforms with your Purpose.

The AGContext Transformation Assessment is the first milestone and your only initial commitment.

The first step in your digital transformation strategy is to assess your business and understand your current state.

STEP 2. CHOOSE Your Destination

If you want to drive to an exciting destination, you must know where that is.

Any effective digital strategy must contain a clear and well-defined mission and objectives. These should align with your Purpose for adding value for people and the planet.

As a large organisation, you will have your current Vision, Mission, and Priority Objectives. We must identify how those may align and support achieving data and digital outcomes in the short and medium term.


Your digital transformation strategy must clearly describe your destination. Your purpose defines everything you do.

STEP 3. PLAN Your Journey

The Digital Transformation Strategy will give you a clear picture of your digital transformation journey. It outlines where you are now and your future state. It includes a summary of barriers, risks and goals. The document maps out your business strategy and plans for the midterm of up to 5 years.

The strategy will help create the focus and alignment you need to use data and digital technology to create products and services that make a difference.

Understanding the risks of your digital transformation objectives will help set the best path towards mission success. It will help us choose which battles are worth fighting for.

The Digital Transformation Strategy is your key to customer-focused, easy-to-operate, data-driven digital services.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation unlocked - Reliably and Consistently.

The Digital Transformation Strategy by AGContext results from 10 years of applied and practical experience working in digital technology, cloud software and business process improvement.

The method draws from best practices across business analysis, digital transformation, and sustainability strategy. The lessons have been refined through many thousands of hours supporting, leading, and advising projects for government, multinational corporations, sports associations, small businesses, and industry development associations. Also, add a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Sustainable Practice, and you are starting to see the foundations and rigour behind the AGContext Journey of Digital Transformation.

Carl from AGContext has almost 20 years helping people use data and information technology to achieve their purpose in business.

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Carl is the founder of AGContext

Hi, I’m Carl from AGContext.

I have almost 20 years of experience helping leaders in business and government to deliver cloud-first Digital Transformation Strategies for the benefit of people and the planet.

I’m passionate about why and how organisations can overcome their legacy technology and digital delivery problems towards creating long-term sustainability benefits that help us overcome the climate change crisis. I’m fascinated by how we can use an Information Flow to create easy, fair, and personalised customer services and more flexible and inclusive workplaces for employees.

Learn more about Carl.

My mission is to help organisations transform how they use information technology for creating long-term value for people and planet.

It all begins with a clear and coordinated Digital Transformation Strategy!

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